34 Best Youtube Fonts in 2022 — For Thumbnails, Videos, and Channel Art

Filming and editing your video footage for YouTube is just the first step in creating awesome video content. In order to make your videos trendy, professional, and clickable, you also need to consider other design elements like fonts. 

In a competitive market like YouTube, it’s important to do what you can to stand out from the crowd. And a great font can help you do just that. 

In this article, we list 34 of the best YouTube fonts in 2022. All the fonts below are available from Envato Elements (our review). 

From just $16.50 per month, you can access unlimited downloads of fonts that are perfect for YouTube videos, thumbnails, and channel art. All the fonts are suitable for personal or commercial use. 

So, let’s start our roundup, with our top pick 

Best Youtube Font for 2022

When choosing a YouTube font there are 4 things you should ask yourself:

  1. Is the font stylish?
  2. Does it grab your attention?
  3. Is it easy to read?
  4. And most importantly — Would you click it?

Our top pick fits all of these criteria, let’s take a look at it. 

1. Dustin Font Quartet – A versatile YouTube font family – Our Top Pick

The Dustin font family is a great choice for YouTubers. It’s a versatile pack of four complementary fonts. Included is a regular font, a regular outline font, and an italic version of both. 

The font is reminiscent of super trendy brand logos like Supreme and is sure to catch the attention of viewers. 

Why it’s our top pick 

It’s modern, stylish, and minimal making it perfect for any type of YouTube video. It’s easy to read so can be used within videos and in thumbnails. And, it’s bold, so it really jumps off the page. 

Best Fonts for YouTube Thumbnails

All of the fonts below are perfect for creating eye-catching and super clickable thumbnails. 

2. Traveller typeface – YouTube Font for Adventure and Travel Channels

Traveller Typeface is reminiscent of fonts used by popular adventure YouTubers like Sam Kolder and other YouTube travelers. 

The stylish brush lettering is clear and bold making it perfect for thumbnails and channel art alike.

3. Caribold – Bold Font for YouTube Thumbnails

Caribold is a superbold font that is great for a variety of different YouTube videos. The font is super impactful and really stands out, making it a highly clickable thumbnail font. 

4.  Herona – YouTube Font for Gaming Channels

Herona is one of the best YouTube fonts for gaming channels. The design is retro and is inspired by gaming and e-sports trends. 

It’s bold and impactful and looks great when coupled with an outline or a shadow. 

5.  Horsemen – Creative Font for YouTube Thumbnails

Horsemen is a super-cool retro wave font. The font is inspired by 70’s music and artwork and looks great in thumbnails, channel art, and in-video titles. The font pack comes with a slanted and straight version of the font. 

6. Quantum Profit – Bold and Fun YouTube Font

Quantum Profit is a playful and curvy font designed with kids in mind. 

Whether you’re creating toy reviews or educational videos, this YouTube font is sure to catch the eye of little ones that are browsing YouTube kids. 

7. Chucklesome – Cartoon Style Thumbnail Font

Chucklesome is a bold and quirky cartoon font inspired by comic books. The chubby and impactful font really stands out when used in thumbnails, and it looks great in videos and on channel banners. 

8. Wolfskin- Urban Block YouTube Thumbnail Font

Wolfskin is an impactful block font with an urban edge. This font is great for channels looking to create an edgy aesthetic such as parkour or street style channels. For thumbnails, this font looks great when coupled with a thick outline or shadow. 

9. The Tide – Block Font For Lifestyle Channels

The Tide is a bold and funky font that makes you feel like your chilling on the beach in California. The font is nice and chunky, so it’s great for creating stand-out thumbnails. The Tide is a great option for relaxed lifestyle vloggers and #vanlife videos. 

10. Frisky Puppy – Child-friendly YouTube Font

Frisky Puppy is another super cute font that is perfect for child-oriented channels. The bold, cartoonish design really makes thumbnails pop and is also extremely easy for kids to read. 

11. Vandalism – Brush Font For Adventure Channels

Vandalism is a stylish urban font that is great for adventure channels and travel vlogs. The font is easy to read and the handwritten style makes thumbnails look really cools and unique. 

12. Retro Neon Inline – Neon Font for YouTube Thumbnails

This font is perfect for adding a splash of neon to your thumbnails. Retro Neon Inline is great for gaming channels or other creators that are aiming for a retro, cyberpunk-esque aesthetic.

Best Youtube Font for Use in Videos

When using text within your videos, you want to find a font that is really easy for viewers to read. You also want to ensure that the text in your videos looks stylish and professional. The fonts below will help you do just that. 

13. Traveler Note – Handwritten Font for YouTube

Traveler note is a clean and stylish YouTube font. The well-spaced letters make it really easy to read, and the handwritten style makes it visually appealing too. 

Whether you’re adding subtitles to your video, or adding little notes for your viewers, this font is a great choice. 

14. Angry Typens – Creative Handwritten Font

Angry Typens is a cool, cartoonish, handwritten font. The letters are clear and easy to read, and the design is extremely appealing to children and young people. 

The font is also all caps, which makes reading simple for young readers. 

15. Chicken Pickle – Feminine YouTube Brush Font

Chicken pickle is a gorgeous brush font that would look great in titles and video text. Although brush lettering can sometimes be hard to read, Chicken Pickle is the exception. The font is extremely clear whilst also being stylish and feminine.  

16. Free Love Script – Stylish Font For Beauty Channels

Free Love Script is a super classy and aesthetically pleasing font. The fun and curvy lettering is perfect for beauty and fashion vloggers wanting to give their in-video text a feminine feel. 

17. Video Game Font – Retro Font for Gamers

This retro font is perfect for gaming channels. The font is inspired by retro video games like space invaders and will give viewers that old game nostalgic feeling. It also includes some funky dingbat graphics that complement the font. 

18. Gameover Brush Font – Grunge-style Youtube Font

The Game over brush font is a stylish brush letter font that could be used in any style of video. It’s minimal and cool and would look great in videos and thumbnails. The font is also available in SVG format which can be scaled and edited in Photoshop.

19. Huriken E-sports Font – Gaming Font For Videos

Huriken is described by its creators as an e-sports font. It’s perfect for gamers, e-sports players, and vloggers. The text is bold and clear making it perfect for in-video text, thumbnails, and channel art. 

20. Tsuki – Japanese Manga-inspired Font

Tsuki is a fun and interesting font inspired by Japanese art and manga. The clear, bold characters make it perfect for use in YouTube videos. If your channel focuses on Japanese culture, manga, or even gaming, this font is a great choice. 

21. Juan Cock – Trendy Minimalist Font

Juan Cock is a super trendy, minimalist font. The bold typeface can be used for subtitles, in-video text and also looks great when used in thumbnails. The font gives off a masculine vibe, so it’s a good choice if your target audience is male. 

22. Config Rounded – Bold Font For Informational Channels

Config rounded is a sleek and professional YouTube font that is perfect for business YouTube channels. 

If you’re creating explainer videos for your clients or promotional content about your business, this font is a great choice. It’s extremely easy to read, and aesthetically pleasing. However, it’s not too flashy or unprofessional. 

23. Melenias – Casual Brush Font

Melenias is a super laid-back brush font that is trendy and elegant. It’s very clear and easy to read and will also add a touch of class to your videos. It’s perfect for beauty and lifestyle channels. 

24. Vantely – Elegant Professional Font

Vantely is a beautiful and professional font. This font looks great in lifestyle and home decor videos and even works well for businesses. It’s modern, minimalistic, and classy. Whether you’re using it within videos or for your channel art, this font is a great choice. 

25. Indigo – Bold and Feminine YouTube font

This font duo is bold and chunky and is great for creating eye-catching designs. The pack comes with two fonts; Regular and Outline. When you pair the regular and the outline font together, it makes a cool and interesting look that works perfectly for titles and thumbnails.

26. Playkidos – Cheerful and Child-friendly Font

Playkidos is a fun font that would look great in educational videos aimed at children. It’s funky and interesting whilst also being very easy to read. Although this font was created with kids in mind, it’s also very versatile and would work well in any kind of project. 

27. Techead – YouTube Font For Tech Videos

Techead is a cool and professional font that would work great for tech videos. Whether your a tech company making videos for your clients or just a tech lover with a YouTube channel, this is the font for you. 

28. Forever Freedom – A Bold Font Family

Forever Freedom is a striking font family that is super versatile. The pack comes with a regular font, an outline font, and italic versions of the two. It’s bold and eye-catching. Perfect for titles and text. 

Best Fonts for Youtube Channel Art

The fonts below are all bold and interesting. This makes them perfect for creating banners and art for your YouTube channel. 

29.  The Risk – Channel Art Font For Adventure & Travel Channels

The Risk is a super cool font that is perfect for adventurers and travelers. It’s a handwritten font that’s bold and stylish and looks great as part of channel banners.

30. Brasika Display- Funky YouTube Channel Font

Brasika Display is a super funky, retro font. It’s swirly and fun and perfect for creating eye-catching banner designs. When layered up in different colors, the font creates that 70’s hippie aesthetic that’s super fashionable right now.  

31. Trick Jimmy – Quirky Cartoon Channel Art Font

Trick Jimmy is a super-fun font. With this font, you could create some really unique channel art designs. The cartoonish style of this font would look great on channels aimed at kids, comic book lovers, and gamers. 

32. Okashi – Fun Japanese-style Font For YouTube

Okashi is an interesting and stylish font that would look great as part of a YouTube banner. It’s a little difficult to read so it might not work so well in videos. However, it’s bold and unique which makes it perfect for channel art. 

33. Rebel Nation – Cool Graffiti Font

Rebel Nation is an empowering font perfect for creating channel art. The font is inspired by graffiti and tattoo art It’s cool and edgy and would look great on a channel focused on sports, skating, or street culture. 

34. Hello Hunny – Bold Brush Font For Beauty and Lifestyle YouTubers

Hello Honey is an elegant and bold brush effect font. It’s perfect for creating beautiful and feminine channel art designs. These fonts work well for banners on beauty or lifestyle channels. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, 34 stylish YouTube fonts for just about every channel type and purpose.

If you’d like to learn more about fonts and other design elements that will elevate your YouTube videos, see our articles on 35+ Best Fonts for Logos and 20 Best Free Google Fonts and How to Use Them.

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