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13 Best Food Themes for Sharing Recipes (2021)

A Mediterranean Cornish game hen dish is not only filling, it’s pretty healthy as well.

Seeing as how so many people are searching for unique recipes like this, it’s no wonder that dozens of food recipe blogs have sprung up in all corners of the internet. From niche sites that focus on vegan dining or urban cooking to larger sites like AllRecipes, where the content is created by users and it expands over all types of cuisine.

The recipe sites deliver interesting tips for cooking food, along with meal preparation steps, cooking time and the ingredients needed to make the dish special.

Since recipes are easy to compile, and the potential for making money is so great, why not make your own recipe website or start a food blog?

Heck, even if you’re not an experienced cook, you can learn and experiment to create a completely new style of food.

Whether you post unique recipes that were dug up from your grandmother’s old cookbook, or you’re a seasoned chef with ideas to share with the world, your best bet is to get started with a food theme for sharing recipes. Keep reading to learn more about the top themes in this category, and get ready to feed your hungry users!

Best Food Blog Themes

1 Meridian Recipes

Price: $64

The Meridian Recipes theme offers you the potential for making a recipe magazine, with 19 reusable modules for constructing different layouts. The design is clean and modern, and you have the option to display recipes or articles, or a combination of the two.

Although the 19 modules are there for your homepage customization, you also receive four pre-made layouts with beautiful configurations. You’ll find that the theme is completely responsive, and the custom-made sharing module is useful for getting the word out about your recipes. In addition, users can print recipes from your site, and they can signup for your newsletter through the subscription form.

Standout Features:

  • The custom styler serves as a solid customization tool, minimizing your need to touch any code.
  • Each visitor gets a user profile page for managing their bookmarks, favorite recipes and the items they’ve decided to rate.
  • A five star rating system is included for users to stop by and rate or see if a other people think a recipe is any good.
  • Each recipe comes with a distraction-free cook mode, which only shows what’s important on the screen.
  • Recipe ingredient lists and preparation steps are customizable for you and easy to view for the visitor.

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2 Chow – Recipe & Food Theme

Price: $59

The Chow WordPress theme is one of the most popular recipe themes on the market, with features for integrating with WooCommerce, and multiple layouts that help with adding variety to your website.

The responsive theme has a beautiful user dashboard where people can submit their own recipes to your site. We also like it for those who are making more of a personal recipe blog, since the image support is pretty solid.

Standout Features:

  • Google Recipe View improves SEO and makes your search engine results more visual.
  • The advanced search tools are great for guiding people to the exact recipes they want.
  • The theme comes with the FoodiePress plugin, which helps with organizing your ingredients and processes.
  • Admins and users can make reviews on all recipes.

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3 Foodica

Price: $69

Check out the Foodica theme if you’re interested in making a blog, recipe site or magazine. The six color schemes are wonderful for branding, while the slider improves how you present your food images to the public.

It integrates with WooCommerce for bringing in money for your efforts, while the white background keeps the focus on your recipes. This is a completely responsive theme for viewing on mobile devices, and the admin panel feels strong for both advanced users and beginners.

Standout Features:

  • Recipe shortcodes are offered for copying and pasting them throughout your site.
  • Ad banners can be implemented for making money.
  • The grid-based formatting allows for more posts on one page.
  • The theme has an Instagram scroller towards the bottom.

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4 Sprout & Spoon

Price: $49

The Sprout & Spoon WordPress theme provides a striking blog design that almost looks like a portfolio.

Basically, the majority of the theme is built with clean colors and designs, using a logo in the middle of the header to quickly explain what the site is all about. Each recipe you create is presented as a recipe card, working somewhat like Pinterest.

Standout Features:

  • Stylish social media buttons are provided.
  • A recipe index improves searching.
  • Post video, music and galleries.
  • Collect emails with an included email subscription widget.
  • The theme has a beautiful Instagram gallery.

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5 Foodie Pro Theme

Price: $129.95

The Foodie Pro Theme is the most expensive of the bunch, but that’s because it’s a child theme to the remarkable Genesis Framework.

This framework has tons of plugins included, along with customization options you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, the design is simple, yet professional, and the Genesis Framework is often used by the best bloggers in the world.

Standout Features:

  • An email subscription form is provided.
  • Create grid-based galleries to feature your best recipes.
  • You can swap out the child theme for another one without losing any of your customizations.
  • Choose from six layout options.

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6 Sage

Price: $59

Try out the Sage theme if you’re trying to take up the majority of the home screen with a large visual.

Over 40 unique demos come along with the theme, so you can actually use it for restaurants and other food-based businesses.

However, the blogging functionality works well for displaying your own recipes and talking to users about their own variations.

Standout Features:

  • The theme has an animated header with overlaying text and buttons.
  • A mega menu is included.
  • Over 40 demos to choose from.
  • The 20 menu pages are nice for constructing recipes and lists of your items.

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7 Neptune

Price: $59

This is one of the more unique recipe blog layouts, since it provides a beautiful slider with Pinterest-style elements inside that header. For example, you can feature dozens of little images and descriptions in the slider, with the ability for people to click-through and learn more about the recipes.

This leads into a blog roll of your most recent posts, providing a beautiful interface for all food lovers out there.

Standout Features:

  • Make ingredients listings with ease.
  • Make a nutritional data module for showing users how healthy the recipes are.
  • Post the steps to each recipe.
  • Recipe voting can be done by all users.
  • Implement a cooking timer to reveal how long it’s going to take to make an individual meal.

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8 Recipes Theme

Price: $49

The Recipes WordPress Theme has a simple name, yet an impressive set of features for designing the ultimate food blog. The theme is pretty cut and dry, jumping directly into the recipes right on the homepage.

You do have a chance to explain the purpose of the site, using a beautiful header with imagery and overlaying text. However, right below that we see filters and search functions, along with masonry modules with all of your recipes.

Standout Features:

  • Show cook time and the number of ingredients needed for each recipe.
  • Users can sort results by ratings, views and cooking time.
  • Users can add certain recipes to their personal favorites.
  • Dark and light shades are available, but the theme also has unlimited color choices.
  • See the rating of each recipe right from the home-screen.
  • Related recipes are shown towards the end of each recipe post.

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9 Food Recipes

Price: $49

The Food Recipes theme has a mouth watering design, with five slider variations and two recipe page designs.

The whole point of the theme is to have some variety when making your recipes, allowing you to stand out from the crowd and show your recipes in a more creative way. What’s cool is that the developer offers videos in the documentation to get the theme launched within minutes.

Standout Features:

  • You receive seven PSD files if you plan on customizing with Photoshop.
  • The various shortcodes expedite the design process.
  • The eight custom widgets are great for designing your homepage.
  • The theme has a frontend recipe submit module.

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10 Talisa

Price: $44

The Talisa theme is an affordable solution that uses a large header and bold fonts to grab attention from the people who come to your site. Users can login, register or search right from the header, and they have the ability scroll down to browse the alternating grid with images and descriptions. Along with social media buttons, photos from Flickr and various widgets for making lists, the Talisa theme is one of our favorites.

Standout Features:

  • Frontend recipe posting is provided.
  • Users have the ability to favorite recipes.
  • Translate the site to any language you desire.
  • The unlimited color schemes are nice for branding.

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11 Organic Food

Price: $59

The Organic Food WordPress theme can be used for a wide range of companies, but we like it best for featuring recipes that you’ve thought up or learned during your life.

The theme is mainly designed for organic recipes, but you don’t have to really stick to that rule. That said, the design has lots of green colors, with the logo located in the upper left hand corner and some beautiful slider options. We like the social media support, while the multiple icons are great for adding some visual aspects to your recipes.

Showing latest news on the homepage is a breeze, and posting other modules for items like testimonials only takes a second.

Standout Features:

  • The Visual Composer plugin comes along with the theme.
  • You also get plugins like Slider Revolution and Essential Grid.
  • Integrate with WooCommerce to make a little extra money.
  • The parallax scrolling adds a nice effect.
  • Recipe management is smooth and all handled on the backend.
  • Google Fonts and translation files are packaged into the Organic Food theme.
  • You also receive access to some PSD files.

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12 Food Blog

Price: $39

The Food Blog theme is from the folks at Nimbus themes, and it includes a responsive design and a highly visual setup for presenting your food images in style.

This is primarily for blogging about your recipes, so your posts are featured as a list or grid on your homepage. Social media buttons come in widget form, along with various other widgets for things like talking about the author, sharing recent posts and more.

Standout Features:

  • You get shortcodes and scripts.
  • Colors, fonts, sizes and layouts are easily managed on the backend.
  • The Recipe Card plugin comes along with your purchase.

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13 Petit

Price: $69

We only recommend the Petit WordPress theme for those interested in making a blog.

That said, it’s a beautiful layout with a simple feed for posting all of your recipes. It has a huge featured area and carousel for highlighting the most recent posts on your blog, along with responsive elements for viewing on smaller devices.

The custom widgets are pretty handy, but our favorite is the one that shows all of your Instagram photos. Overall, this is a little pricier, but it gets the job done if you want a user-friendly blogging solution.

Standout Features:

  • The recipe shortcodes make formatting instructions and ingredients pretty easy. You can also copy these to other parts of your site.
  • Get feedback from your readers with the useful reviews system. Users post their reviews and rate each of the recipes on the list.
  • Translations are possible.
  • You receive a custom background and quick logo input.

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Which Food Recipe WordPress Theme is Best for You?

Hopefully this list of food recipe themes has made the search a little easier for you. Each of the themes above can satisfy your needs when trying to share ingredients, cooking times and cooking procedures. If we had to choose one based on price, the Food Blog WordPress theme is the best value. In terms of flexibility, the Meridian Recipes theme is packed with different demos for you to play around with. My favorite is Chow, but the Meridian Recipes Blog theme is a rather impressive solution, even though the pricing may be a bit too high.

There you have it! If you have any questions regarding the best food themes for recipes, share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Brenda is a professional writer and WordPress enthusiast from Huntington Beach, California. If you are looking for a new hosting provider, check out our Best WordPress Hosting guide for 2020.

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  • I saw your review and decided to go for the Neptune them, only to find they have jumped the price up from $50 to $129 since july!!! :0
    I am so annoyed!
    What justifies more than doubling the price???

    • Hey Katrina,

      Previously authors didn't had the ability to set their own prices, ThemeForest did that for them (authors had not say in the price). Recently ThemeForest made some changes and now authors can set their own prices.

      So now, some are selling for $129 or so, while others are selling one million dollars -- https://themeforest.net/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&referrer=search&view=list&sort=price-desc&category=wordpress. Totally up to you, which one you want to go with :).

      If you're looking for an alternate, Meridian Recipes is a nice food blog theme for $64.

      • Thanks so much for your speedy reply!
        Despite all my searching I haven't come across the Meridian theme before ,so will have a look!
        I wanted on i could have a video for each recipe if I wanted, plus sliders, and I liked the way that the theme presented the recipes, as i include alot of photos for a step by step guide, and Neptune had nice thumb nails in the steps, but i didn't purchase it at the time I first saw it as i was broke, so dismayed to see the huge price hike when I went to buy it! :/

        I'll let you know what I think of the Meridian one, and again, thanks for taking the time to write back! :)

        • No problem, Katrina.

          I am pretty sure a lot of people will be surprised seeing the price jump. We just added the Meridian Recipes to the list and I think you should be able to include the videos but not videos on the thumbnail (not sure, though, you should take a look at their demo).

          No problem at all and if you need any help, don't hesitate to get in touch :-).

  • Hi Dev!

    I just wanted to tell you, that after I emailed the other day, I was looking for another theme over the next few days only to see that the price of the Neptune theme had fallen from $129 down to $79!I was pleased I wouldn't have to shell out so much for it, as the price hike to $129 was outrageous!
    So I kept looking around hoping to find something like it that also had parallax, and yesterday the price of Neptune fell to only $39!!!!!! :0
    It was 50% off!
    After seeing a guys you tube video about an app you can buy to add parallax to any word press theme, we went for it and got the them for $39 + vat!!! :)

    Very pleased about that one!
    Thought you might like to know!

    • Hi Katrina,

      Ah that's nice surprise and so glad you got it for $39. It looks like theme authors are experimenting with different pricing, I'm also seeing some authors selling themes for $19 (& even $13) not any food blog themes, though.

      Thanks for taking time to let me know about the price change, Katrina. I think many others will find it useful (& will be probably take their $39 offer, before they increase their price again).

      Have a lovely weekend and good luck with your food blog / site :).


      • Your prices are fine. None of these "designers" are not passing on the modest cost of these wonderful products. I think you rock!

  • All WordPress themes are fantastic, but I need a theme which is both responsive and SEO friendly. In addition to this can anyone suggest me a WordPress plugin that can automatically add Title and Meta Description.
    Please suggest me a tool or plugin which is smart enough as I said above.

    • Hey Adams,

      All themes listed here are responsive and SEO friendly, it is up to you which design / theme you'd want to go with. As for the Title and meta description, I'd advice going with Yoast or All-in-one-SEO, both are fantastic plugins.

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