20 Best Twitch Panel Templates to Make Your Channel Look Awesome (Free & Premium)

Your Twitch panels – graphics that appear below your live stream – are the most important part of your channel page. You can use them to promote your channel, direct your viewers to subscribe or donate and showcase all the important information you want them to know.

But if you want your viewers to take note of your Twitch panels, they’ve got to look the part. They should be professional, eye-catching, and well-designed. The goal is to use panels that set the right kind of tone for your channel and help you stand out from the competition.

To help you create the perfect Twitch panel, we’ve handpicked some of the very best Twitch panel templates available and listed them below. Check them out!

What are Twitch panel templates? (& how to use them)

Twitch panel templates are pre-made templates that make it easy for anyone to create a professional-looking Twitch panel in line with the required size specifications (all Twitch panel images have a fixed width of 320px, and the recommended dimensions are 320 x 160 pixels). 

They’re created by professional designers, which means you can guarantee they’ll look great. Even if you have no design skills, you can easily create banners that look incredible by using a template. 

All you have to do is:

  1. Pick a template you like the look of from this list
  2. Click the header to go to the download page and save it to your computer
  3. Open it up in your image editing software of choice (i.e. Photoshop or Illustrator)
  4. Edit/customize it by changing the text or colors. (Some panel templates can be edited before downloading using PlaceIt by Envato)
  5. Save the customized panel to your computer in JPG or PNG format and upload it to your Twitch channel

Bonus tip: Consistent branding is important, so try to choose a panel design that matches your wider channel color pallette. Your overlay, channel banner, and panels should all follow the same color scheme and overall design.

20 Best Twitch Panel Templates for 2021

Now you know a little more about Twitch panel templates and how to use them, let’s jump into the list, starting with a simple panel template that every streamer needs…

1. Simple Donate Twitch Panel Template

Every Twitch streamer needs a donate panel so that your viewers can easily find out how to donate and support the channel. This donate button from Placeit by Envato is perfect. It’s simple and professional and perfect for gaming or just chatting channels alike. 

Price: $2.95 or $14.95/month for unlimited downloads

2. About Me Info Template

When new viewers land on your channel, it’s important to give them a way to find out a little about you as a creator. This Twitch panel template is perfect for directing your viewers to your About Me page. The font used is bold and eye-catching and is very in keeping with the Twitch gamer aesthetic. 

Price: $2.95 or $14.95/month for unlimited downloads

3. Cute Follow Me Template

This Twitch panel follow me template is perfect for all the gamer girls out there looking to build a following. The panel design includes a kawaii color scheme and a cute graphic of an anime girl. You can also edit the template to include a male character if you wish. 

Price: $2.95 or $14.95/month for unlimited downloads

4. Discord Join The Chat Template

Discord is a great way for your viewers to stay in touch when you’re not streaming, so this Twitch panel template is a must-have. The panel instructs viewers to join the chat and uses the official Discord logo. 

Price: $2.95 or $14.95/month for unlimited downloads

5. Subscribe Follow My Stream Template

Every streamer wants to build their subscriber base, and this Twitch Panel template can help you do just that. This template uses cool textures and graphics to direct viewers to hit the subscribe button. 

Price: $2.95 or $14.95/month for unlimited downloads

6. Glitch 2 Twitch Panels

If you’re keen to download a pack of templates that you can use for any purpose, the Glitch 2 templates from Nerd or Die are just the ticket. The pack includes templates for a range of panels including a subscribe, follow, and more. It also features a cool glitch effect that is perfect for gaming channels. 

Price: Free

7. Stream OS Twitch Panels

These cool and cute Twitch panel templates from Nerd or Die emulate old-school computer buttons. The pack includes a range of panel templates including tip/donate, merch, subscribe, and panels for the various social media platforms. 

Price: Free

8. Follow Me On Instagram Twitch Panel Template

Want to direct your Twitch viewers to your Instagram page? This template can help you do just that. This Twitch panel template is designed to look like a retro computer pop-up window and is perfect for just about any type of Twitch channel. 

Price: $2.95 or $14.95/month for unlimited downloads

9. Iridescent Twitch Panel Templates

If you want to keep things classy and feminine with your Twitch panels, these iridescent templates are a perfect choice. The pack includes a range of panel templates including rules, Q&A, and social, and they all have a cool pop of iridescent color in each corner.

Price: Free

10. What’s In My Setup Template

A common question many Twitch viewers ask is ‘what’s in your setup?’, and this panel template is perfect for directing them to this information. The panel template is perfect for gamers with impressive PC setups and includes a cool PC graphic.

Price: $2.95 or $14.95/month for unlimited downloads

11. Thanks For Your Support Template

If you’re relying on donations from your Twitch followers, you should be sure to thank them for all their support in your panel. This panel template is perfect for doing just that. The template includes a cool skull graphic that would be perfect for gamers or channels with a spooky aesthetic.

Price: $2.95 or $14.95/month for unlimited downloads

12. Listen to My Podcast Template

Do you run a podcast as well as streaming on Twitch? Then why not direct your viewers to it using a Twitch panel template. This template has a cool modern design and includes a microphone graphic which adds some extra visual interest. 

Price: $2.95 or $14.95/month for unlimited downloads

13. Donate Help Support the Stream Panel Template

Donations are super important on Twitch, so it’s important that your donate panel is eye-catching and visible. This panel template is a great choice. It includes a cool donate logo as well as a bold ‘DONATE – help support the stream’ call-to-action.

Price: $2.95 or $14.95/month for unlimited downloads

14. FAQ Panel Template

Instead of spending time answering the same questions over and over again, you can create an FAQ panel to give your viewers the answers they are looking for. This FAQ panel template is simple but well designed and is perfect for just about any type of channel.

Price: $2.95 or $14.95/month for unlimited downloads

15. Read the Chat Rules Twitch Panel Template

Without chat rules, things can easily get out of control in your Twitch chat. With this panel template, you can create rules for your chat, and ask viewers to check them out at the start of each stream. This template is simple and stylish and includes a chat graphic to make it easy to identify.

Price: $2.95 or $14.95/month for unlimited downloads

16. Support Me On Patreon 8-Bit Template

If you’re keen to get your viewers donating on Patreon, this panel template is just what you need. The cool 8-bit design is perfect for retro gaming channels, and the panel can be customized to include different 8-bit graphics.

Price: $2.95 or $14.95/month for unlimited downloads

17. Giveaway Twitch Panel Template

If you’re running a giveaway for your viewers, it’s a good idea to create a panel so that they can easily find all the details. This stylish giveaway panel design is perfect for quickly creating a panel for upcoming competitions. 

Price: $2.95 or $14.95/month for unlimited downloads

18. Borderline Twitch Panel Templates

If you want to add a pop of color to your Twitch panels, these Borderline panel templates are just the ticket. They are simple, yet professional and each one includes a colorful neon-style border.

Price: Free

19. Amused Twitch Panel Templates

If you have a ‘just chatting’ channel, and you don’t want panel designs that are designed for gamers, this pack is a great choice. They are bright, easy to read, and will give your panels a friendly and colorful feel. 

Price: Free

20. Schedule Twitch Panel Template

With this panel template, you can keep your followers updated on when your next stream will be. The panel includes ‘SCHEDULE’ in bold text and a cute anime-style character that can be edited and exchanged for other graphics.

Price: $2.95 or $14.95/month for unlimited downloads

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