30 Best Free and Premium Photoshop Patterns (2022)

Want to spice up your Photoshop designs with interesting and unique patterns? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we list 30 of the best free and premium Photoshop patterns available in 2022. 

Photoshop patterns are useful and versatile and they can be utilized in a range of different ways. Before we jump into the list, let’s cover exactly what Photoshop patterns are, what they can be used for, and where you can download all of the patterns mentioned in this article. 

What is a Photoshop Pattern?

Photoshop patterns are graphics that can be used to create various designs within Photoshop. 

Usually, Photoshop patterns are seamless images that can be repeated or ‘tiled’ to fill a graphic or create a design. 

They can be scaled up or down to create interesting backgrounds and designs for everything from business cards to social media graphics.

Where to Download Photoshop Patterns

Photoshop does come with some preset patterns, but if you want to get extra creative with your designs, then you may want to download some patterns from third party design sites such as Envato Elements, Creative Market, or DeviantArt.

From just $16.50/month, you can enjoy unlimited downloads of thousands of Photoshop patterns, as well as other graphic elements like Instagram templates and custom fonts

In this article, all of the premium Photoshop patterns listed are included in the Envato Elements subscription.

Best Free and Premium Photoshop Patterns – Our Top Pick

Now, let’s get into the list of the 30 best free and premium Photoshop patterns for 2022. Starting with our favorite Photoshop pattern pack. 

1. 100 Seamless Geometric Patterns

This bumper pattern pack includes 100 geometric patterns that are great for a variety of projects. They’re minimalist, professional, and tileable making them great for businesses that are looking to create designs for a range of branding elements.

Why it’s Our Top Pick

This pack comes with 100 different patterns to choose from, meaning you can create hundreds of different designs without having to download a ton of different packs. All the patterns in this pack are black and white in color, so this makes it a super versatile collection to have. And, the download also comes with two free fonts to use in your designs. 

Best Premium Photoshop Patterns for 2022

2. Circular Patterns Set

These modern and simple circle patterns are sure to add some stylish flair to any design. The pack includes 40 different circular design vector patterns. 

The patterns are minimalist and versatile and would look great in professional branding designs, social media posts, and even in product designs like mugs and packaging.

3. Crystal Pattern

This hand-drawn crystal pattern is modern, stylish, and fun. The pattern is the perfect choice for digital designs as well as clothing designs and more.

Although this is only one pattern and not a pattern pack, the design is layered, meaning you can easily customize the colors in Photoshop to add your own flair to the pattern design.

The pattern download also comes with a help file to show you exactly how to do this.

4. Process Pattern Toolkit

Process Pattern is a super useful Geometric toolkit that is perfect for digital design. The kit comes complete with 74 different seamless patterns included. It’s perfect for use in website graphics, social media content, and more. 

This pattern pack is cool and versatile and can be used to create hundreds of unique and interesting designs. 

5. Watercolor Patterns

The Watercolor patterns set includes 12 different high-resolution seamless watercolor patterns. The patterns are fun, quirky, and easily tileable. 

These patterns are perfect for use in funky and colorful Photoshop projects.

6. Luxury Seamless Patterns

The Luxury Seamless Pattern set from Envato Elements is perfect for the designer that looking to add a touch of class to their designs. 

The seamless and tileable patterns are perfect for classy event invitations and banners or luxury branding designs like business cards or website graphics.

7. Geometric Luxury Gold Pattern Set

The Geometric Luxury Gold Photoshop pattern pack is perfect for creating modern and luxurious designs. 

The pack comes with ten different patterns in two different styles; one with a white background, and one with a transparent background. This means you can easily adapt the patterns to fit your designs perfectly.

8. Lando Abstract Patterns

The Lando pattern set uses simple shapes to create a natural and modern feel. These patterns would work perfectly in social media content, website graphics as well as physical designs like stationery and packaging. 

The set includes 8 different designs and a help file on how to use them.

9. Handcrafted Textures and Patterns Set

The Handcrafted Textures and Patterns set includes 38 different stylish patterns that can be used to create a range of unique designs.

The modern and grungey seamless patterns can be used as backgrounds or graphics in your designs, and the textures can help to add extra depth. 

10. Modern Jewel Tone Patterns

The Modern Jewel Tone patterns are perfect to use as backgrounds or as elements within social media and web graphics. The pattern set includes 4 different designs in 5 different colors, so it can be easily incorporated into your designs and color schemes.

11. Ceramic Glaze Pattern Kit

The Ceramic Glaze pattern kit includes 40 different minimal designs that are reminiscent of classic ceramic pottery patterns. The seamless patterns are easily tileable and would look great as backgrounds or on business cards. The simple black patterns are sure to give your designs a little bit of extra style. 

12. Geometric Seamless Patterns Set

This Geometric Seamless pattern pack is perfect for adding a touch of minimalist class to your designs. The pack includes 9 unique patterns that are layered and fully editable. That means you can change the designs and colors in order to work them into your designs.

13. Colorful Waves Seamless Patterns

Waves is a funky seamless pattern pack that is perfect for making your designs a little more fun and colorful. The pattern pack includes 10 different color patterns to choose from. This pack is great for making posters, social media graphics, and more.

14. Christmas Pattern Set

Need a festive pattern to create some fun Christmas-themed designs? This is the Photoshop pattern pack for you. This pack includes 6 different festive patterns. Whether you’re designing posters for a Christmas event or printing your own festive napkins, these patterns are perfect.

15. Point Patterns

Point Patterns is a modern and stylish Photoshop pattern pack that’s perfect for branding, web graphics, and social media. The minimal and colorful point designs can be used to add a splash of color to elevate your designs. The seamless pattern pack includes 15 different point patterns.

16. Asian Deco Patterns

The patterns in the Asian Deco collection are perfect for creating that luxury art deco aesthetic in your designs. The collection includes 12 Photoshop patterns, as well as a bonus border. These patterns would look great on invitations and posters for luxury events.

17. 1950s Retro Patterns

These 1950s retro patterns are great for creating designs with that funky mid-century vibe. The pack includes 12 different designs from classic 50’s wallpaper patterns to quirky space-themed designs. Whether you’re throwing a themed party or opening a retro restaurant, these patterns would look great on posters, party invitations, or in branding for retro-themed businesses. 

18. Tropical Seamless Photoshop Patterns

The Tropical Photoshop Patterns come in 4 different color schemes. The leafy patterns are perfect for use in blog and social media graphics, or even creating fun posters and promotional content. In addition to this, these interesting seamless patterns are easily tileable and can be easily edited to create a range of unique designs.

19. Autumn Patterns

These Autumn Photoshop patterns are perfect for the fall seasons. Whether you’re creating fall-related social media content or posters for your local autumn festival, these patterns are just what you need. The pack includes 4 different patterns featuring different fall leaf designs in a variety of autumnal colors.

20. Delicate Wildflower Photoshop Patterns + Templates

Delicate Wildflower is a stylish and feminine Photoshop pattern pack perfect for fashion creators and bloggers. 

The pack includes 20 beautifully designed vector patterns as well as 10 matching Instagram story templates that can be edited in Photoshop. This pack is perfect for creating pretty floral designs for web content and more.

21. Grit Photoshop Pattern

The Grit Photoshop Pattern pack includes 60 seamless repeating pattern tiles. You can use this pattern to creating unique designs with a grungey feel. The patterns all feature a striking gritty texture that is sure to add a little pop of visual appeal to all of your designs.

22. Dark Pattern Set

If you’re looking to create designs with dark backgrounds, but you don’t want to have a solid block of dark color in your designs, then these textured dark Photoshop patterns could be just what you need. 

The pattern pack includes over 40 patterns in a variety of textures. All the patterns feature moody colors like blacks, greys, and dark blues. 

23. Terrazzo Natura Pattern Set

These unique Photoshop patterns were inspired by the iconic Terrazzo design. These patterns would look great in digital branding, as well as printed on physical objects like t-shirts, phone cases, and more.

The pattern pack included 12 different Terrazzo-themed designs in a variety of natural colors.

24. Branding Photoshop Patterns and Samples

These funky and colorful Branding Photoshop patterns are perfect for creating professional branding designs. The seamless patterns would look great on business cards, stationary as well as in digital designs.

They’re a great way to add a fun pop of color to professional designs. 

25. Food Photography Patterns

Whether you’re a food blogger or a food-based business, these food photography patterns are a great way to spice up your designs. The pack includes 10 different food-themed patterns for you to choose from, including fruits, sweets, vegetables, and fish. 

Best Free Photoshop Patterns for 2022

26. Black and White Photoshop Patterns

This pack of 6 black and white patterns is the perfect addition to your Photoshop pattern collection. They’re high definition minimal designs that would work well in a range of Photoshop projects. All patterns are free for personal and commercial use. 

27. Photoshop Micro Patterns

This pack of micro patterns includes a selection of funky seamless patterns for Photoshop. Also, the patterns are free for personal and commercial use as long as credit is given to the creator. However, if you can’t give credit, the patterns are available for purchase with a commercial license from the creator’s website.

28. Intoxicated Vogue Photoshop Patterns

These pixel-style patterns are quirky and fun, meaning they’re perfect for modern Photoshop designs. The pattern pack includes 20 different Photoshop patterns. All the patterns are free for personal and commercial use. However, you can’t claim them as your own or redistribute them. Also, note that credit for the patterns is not required but is appreciated by the creator. 

29. Maleficeent Patterns for Photoshop

These fun and modern floral patterns are available for personal and commercial use no credit required. The feminine designs would work perfectly for fashion blogs and social media content. 

30. Pretty Pastel Patterns

These bright pretty pastel patterns will help give your designs a fun and youthful edge. The pack includes 8 different patterns. All the patterns are free for personal and commercial use.

Final Thoughts

Photoshop patterns are a great way to elevate your designs and take them from mediocre to truly eye-catching. Whether you’re creating designs for your business, or just for fun, the free and premium Photoshop patterns mentioned in this list have given you some inspiration for your upcoming Photoshop designs. 

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