40 Best Outline Fonts and Typefaces for 2022

Need a stylish font that will help you design to look more professional and impactful? You need an outline font. 

Outline fonts are great for all uses, from web design to social media and more. However, a simple search for downloadable fonts will bring up thousands of different options, so finding the right font can be overwhelming. 

That’s why we created this list of the 40 best outline fonts in 2022 so that you don’t have to spend hours searching for the perfect font for your next project. 

But before we get into it, let’s take a quick look at what outline fonts are and how you can use them. 

What is an Outline Font?

Outline fonts are fonts which that use geometric outlines of letter and characters. The main advantage of outline fonts is that they are easily scalable so they can be sized up or sized down without distorting the shape. 

Outline fonts are a great choice if you are looking to create professional designs that will easily catch the reader’s attention.

Whether you’re creating a website logo or a business newsletter, a good outline font will really improve your designs. 

Where to Download Outline Fonts

Whether you need an outline font for a specific project, or you need a selection of fonts for your team to use, there are lots of different options available. Below are the best sites available for downloading outline fonts. 

Envato Market

Envato Market is a great resource for designers that need fonts, graphics, or templates for web design. The marketplace has hundreds of different fonts to choose from, and they come with a tools license which means you can use them to create unlimited end products for personal and commercial use.

If you’re just looking for a font for a specific project, purchasing from Envato Market is a cost-effective option.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a design subscription service that gives you access to thousands of fonts as well as other digital elements, templates, and content for designers. If you need access to new fonts regularly, Envato Elements is a great choice. For $16.50/month, you can download unlimited fonts that are licensed for personal and commercial use. 

Best Outline Fonts – Our Top Pick

So without further ado, let’s jump into the list of the best outline fonts. Starting with our personal favorite. 

01. Exco Sans Minimalist Typeface

Exco Sans is an ultra-modern and minimalist outline font that can give even the simplest designs a touch of style. In this pack from Envato Elements, you can make use of the Exco Sans outline font as italic, shadow, and regular version of the font. 

Why Exco Sans is our top-pick

The 4 different designs give you unlimited flexibility when it comes to designing text-based media. And in addition to that, the minimalist yet stylish design makes it perfect for a range of different projects. 

Best outline fonts from Envato Elements

Below are 29 more of our favorite outline fonts that are available with an Envato Elements subscription (Starts from $16.50/month). 

02. Portico Outline

Portico Outline is a bold font that is both minimal and eye-catching. This font looks great when used for titles and large lines of text and also when used alongside the regular Portico typeface font. 

03. Burford Outline

Burford Outline is a clean and stylish font that is inspired by European fonts and designs. This font family comes with 13 different fonts including the outline option and also includes an extras pack with all the basic keyboard characters.

04. Gibsons Outline

Gibsons is a stylish and modern font pack that is great if you’re looking to create designs with that signature ‘hipster’ feel. The font pack comes with a selection of bold, semi-bold, and regular outline fonts for you to choose from.

05. Visia Duo

Visia Duo is a versatile font pack that includes 4 different versions of the outline font; Regular, italic, bold, and bold italic. The font pack also includes a non outlined version of the font. 

06. Moonlite

Moonlite is a bold outline typeface perfect for making titles and text lines stand out. The pack comes with the outline font in OTF/TTF/WOFF as well as a matching solid font. 

07. Melburch Typeface

Melburch Outline is a vintage-inspired outline font. It’s great for creating retro designs. This outline font pack comes with a regular and a slanted version of the font. 

08. Nostromo Outline

Nostromo is a futuristic font inspired by science fiction. It’s perfect for companies in the gaming or tech space. The pack includes regular and outline versions of the font and also has punctuation to fit a variety of European languages.

09. Visage Outline

Visage outline is a simple yet visually impactful outline font that looks great as part of neon-inspired designs. This is an uppercase font, and the pack also includes common punctuation and numbers. 

10. Forever Freedom

Forever Freedom is a striking modern font family perfect for bold designs. This monoscaped font family includes two options, regular and italic.

11. Hikou Outline

Hikou Outline is another good option if you’re looking for a great neon typeface. This font included uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation and is perfect for titles and social media content. 

12. Pittsbrook Outline

Pittsbrook Outline is a classic and bold outline typeface perfect for marketing materials or package branding. The pack includes two outline options; Regular and slanted. 

13. Burford Rustic

Burford Rustic is a weathered alternative to the regular Burford outline font. The font texture gives designs a shabby chic and homely look which is very fashionable right now. 

14. Robinson Outline

Robinson Outline takes inspiration from bold vintage newspaper headlines. The font was created with magazines and newspapers in mind, so it’s extremely eye-catching and impactful. 

15. Kitty Fat

Kitty Fat is a bold and curvy outline font that is great for creating cute, child-oriented designs. This is an uppercase font, and it also comes with a selection of punctuation characters and numbers. 

16. Becak

Becak is a laid-back and fun outline font that’s perfect for posters, t-shirts, and more. The font is hand-drawn and comes with lower case, uppercase, number, and punctuation characters. 

17. Belligro

Belligro is a calligraphy-style outline font that is great for creating feminine and classy designs. The font comes complete with uppercase, lowercase, and number characters and is perfect for everything from wedding invitations to logo designs. 

18. Forsaken Font

Forsaken is a font pack that comes with outline and fill options. The font has a vintage feel that is reminiscent of old-fashioned tattoo art and is great for making trendy and fashionable designs. 

19. Retro Neon Font

Retro Neon is another bold and stylish neon outline font. This font is perfect for digital projects like youtube videos and web design and is sure to give your designs a modern feel. The font pack also includes some graphic presets to enhance your designs. 

20. Brotherton Vintage Sans Serif Typeface

Brotherton Vintage is a sans serif typeface pack with a bold outline font included. The design is simple and impressive making it perfect for just about any project. The pack also includes the regular Brotherton font. 

21. Exodar

Exodar is a great option if you’re looking to create designs with an ultra-modern, sci-fi-inspired look. This typeface looks as though it is straight out of a sci-fi movie and is super futuristic. The font pack includes an outline and a regular version. 

22. Klenik

Klenik is a slab serif font that is elegant and minimalist. The font is perfect for trendy marketing materials or logos and quotes. The font pack comes with an outline font as well as a matching light font. 

23. Dustin

Dustin Outline is part of the Dustin font family. It’s bold, sleek, and stylish and is great for creating crisp, modern designs. The download includes 4 different fonts; Outline, Outline Italic, Regular and Regular Italic.  

24. Rivina Pen

Rivina Pen Outline is a trendy and artistic font that is great for creating fun and artsy designs. The hand-drawn font pack includes 4 different fonts; Rivina Pen and Rivina Pen Outline plus a condensed version of each.  

25. Knox

Knox Outline is a bold, masculine font inspired by American tattoos and cultural designs. The font pack comes with three outline fonts and three regular fonts. 

26. Herbal Outline Font

Herbal font is a minimalist and fashionable outline font. It’s perfect for branding, social media posts, and more. The font pack download includes five fonts;  Outline, regular, bold, rounded, and italic.

27. Lovers Brooks

Lovers Brooks is a font duo that is great for creating eye-catching designs. The font pack combines a stylish calligraphy style regular font with a bold outline sans serif font. This type of font combination is popular for marketing and social media use. 

28. Playbook Font Family

Playbook is a super fun, hand-sketched style outline font. It’s great for creating playful and funky designs. The font pack comes with an outline font as well as a fill and regular font. 

29. Darling Bloom Font

Darling Bloom is a feminine and curvy outline font that would be perfect for lifestyle and beauty businesses. The font is available in a range of formats and the download includes free font updates. 

30. Floral Thunder Font Duo

Floral Thunder is a font duo pack that combines a bold outline font with a playful calligraphy font. This font pack is perfect for creating trendy designs and comes complete with glyphs and fill fonts too. 

Best outline fonts from Envato Market

All of the fonts below are available from Envato Market and come with a Tools License which allows you to use the fonts for personal use and create unlimited end products that can be sold commercially. 

31. Henerale Outline

Henerale Outline is a sleek and versatile outline font. The simple font can be used for just about any purpose and comes with a range of glyphs and multilingual characters. 

Price: $11 with Tools license 

32. Latest Outline Typeface

Latest Outline font pack includes an outline and italic outline font. The modern and curvy font is great for t-shirt printing, titles, and more. 

Price: $10 with Tools license 

33. Neuron Serif Outline

Neuron Serif is a fun and stylish outline font. The download includes italic and regular versions of the outline font as well as over 270 glyphs. 

Price: $10 with Tools license 

34. Highmax Outline

Highmax Outline is a trendy condensed typeface. The download comes complete with the outline font as well as a bold and light version. 

Price: $9 with Tools license 

35. Tokyo Designer Font Duo

Tokyo is an outline and bold font due perfect for creating standout designs. You can use the outline font alone, or combine it with the bold font for maximum visual impact.

The download includes both fonts individually as well as a merged version.

Price: $17 with Tools license 

36. Coven Typeface

Coven Outline is a bold typeface that really jumps off the page. If you want an eye-catching font, this is it! The download includes both the outline version and the regular version of the font. 

Price: $30 with Tools license 

37. Belithel Sans Serif Font

Belithel is a beautifully curvy, retro font that is great for logos and signage. The download pack includes 7 different options. Outline, regular, italic, light, light italic, bold, and bold italic.

Price: $19 with Tools license 

38. Balonku by Vable

Balonku is a funky outline font that is designed to look like classic bubble writing. The font would be perfect for child-focused designs and posters. 

Price: $15 with Tools license 

39. Cendools by Zafrance

Cendools is a slim and easy-to-read font that seamlessly integrates into professional design. The download pack includes the outline font plus a solid and shadow version. 

Price: $12 with Tools license 

40. Olesans

Olesans is a trendy outline font that’s great for promotional content and logos. The font comes with uppercase, lowercase and special characters.

Price: $10 with Tools license 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the 40 best outline fonts for 2020. If you’re interested in learning more about different types of fonts, you may want to see our roundup on Best Fonts for Logo Designs or Best Modern Fonts.

Matt Moran

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