40+ Best Number Fonts for Logos, Tattoos, Infographics, and More

Most standard fonts include numbers so you may not have thought to seek out a specialist number font in the past.

However, many font designers concentrate on the alphabetic characters and leave the numbers as something as an afterthought. This might be ok in standard text, but if numbers are a feature in your design, you will want to choose a font that has beautifully designed numbers too.

Some of the fonts on this list contain only numbers but most are standard fonts with a full set of alphanumeric characters. However, we chose all these fonts because the numbers look beautiful and would work well in a range of typography designs.

These fonts are particularly suitable for creating infographics, numerical logos, or any design that includes data and numbers.

If you’re looking for the best number fonts to display numerical values, you’re sure to find a font to suit your design style in this list.

1. Our Top Pick: Gorga Grotesque

Why this is our top pick: Gorga Grotesque is one of the simplest fonts on this list but that simplicity makes it highly flexible. The numbers are bold, clear, and you can use them in a number of ways including as fractions and superscripts.

Gorga Grotesque is a modern and minimal font that was developed for readability and legibility. It’s ideal for displaying information in a clear but beautiful way on product and print design.

This is an Opentype font that includes features such as fractions, numerators, denominators, and superscripts. The font comes in three weights and an italic version.

2. Didone Room Numbers

This non-alphabetic font includes multiple numerical and currency symbols and is inspired by the hand-painted room numbers at a hotel in Vienna, Austria.

This font is intended as a display font and looks best at a large size. You can use it to add stylish numbers to your graphics or use it in combination with the other Didone font families to add alphabetic text.

3. Summer of ‘76

This retro font is inspired by ‘70s graphics and comes in both a solid and multi-line version. This font includes a full set of numbers and numerical and currency symbols.

It’s perfect for big headers to give a retro vintage look to your designs. It’s bold enough to look stylish on a solid background color, or layer it over a vintage photo to accentuate the effect.

4. Clement Numbers

The creator of this unique number font extracted it from an 1838 type specimen book and has some interesting swirls and details.

These numbers have a retro feel and would work great in illustrations or infographics. The font also includes Basic punctuation marks.

5. Baker Street Ornaments

Baker Street Ornaments is a font inspired by typography signage in an old London pub.

The font includes hundreds of ligatures that connect letters and number pairs with flourishes. There are also two sets of ornaments included that can be used to create intricate typography designs.

6. Not My Type

There are probably hundreds of typewriter fonts but Not My Type was created with a real typewriter and includes three versions of each letter and number for an authentic look.

This font is ideal for creating realistic typed text and adding a retro or hand-made feel to graphics and typography designs.

7. Vintage Number Pack

This collection of vintage-style numerals comes in three variations: fill, outline, and line fill. There’s also a No. symbol included.

These numbers are ideal for adding a vintage effect to any creative project.

8. 7 Segment Display Font

This font is designed to look like the characters on an old-style digital display. It looks best in bright colors over a dark background to create a realistic look.

You could use this font to create retro tech-themed graphics for web or print or to create digital ticker style moving text.

9. Leah Gaviota

Leah Gaviota is a collection of fun hand-drawn letters and numbers. The set includes script, bold, outline, serif, and sans-serif styles you can use to create a casual look.

As well as the entire font family, over 100 mini illustrations are also included so you have everything you need to create your own designs.

10. Thrifty Numerals

Inspired by hand-written pricing signage in old-fashioned grocery stores, Thrifty Numerals is a bold numerical and symbol font with OpenType features.

The font includes decimal ligatures, fractions, foreign currency symbols, and math operators. It’s ideal for drawing attention to pricing or using numbers anywhere in an eye-catching way with a retro vibe.

11. Sea Spray

Sea Spray is a modern and minimal logo font that looks fantastic on packaging and branding for fashion, architecture, and creative companies.

The font is supplied in OTF format and includes a full set of alphanumeric characters along with punctuation and special characters.

12. Superstar M54

Superstar M54 is based on the numbering style of athletic sports jerseys. It has a bold and masculine feel that’s ideal for eye-catching headings and sport-related graphics.

The font includes alternative glyphs for the numbers 2 and 5 so you can choose the style that you prefer or mix and match for a more eclectic look.

13. Love You

Love You is a cute and fun balloon font that’s ideal for creating playful graphics and branding relating to kids, food, party invitations, and many other uses.

This display font includes a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support.

14. Bitbybit

Bitbybit is a retro pixel font that’s ideal for use in gaming or for creating 80s sytle computer graphics for print, social media, or web design.

The font includes regular and bold styles and comes with bonus video game pixel graphics and logos.

15. KG Traditonal Fractions Font

Many fonts include special characters to display factions but they’re not always readable or suitable for teaching purposes, especially for young children.

This fractions number font includes fractions from1/2 to 16/16 in traditional format in a simple handwriting style along with comparison tools, math symbols, grid bubble letters, and empty shapes for students to fill.

It’s ideal for creating explanation videos, presentations, and worksheets.

16. Heavy Numbers

Heavy Numbers is a bold and clean numerical font that has a wide range of uses in graphic, packaging, and product design.

The font includes mathematical symbols, subscript, superscript, basic punctuation, fractions, and currency symbols.

17. Vonique 43

Vonique 43 is a modern clean sans-serif font with rounded forms and a unique look. The font is styled on circles with short descenders, which is particularly evident in the numbers 6, 8, and 9.

This is a beautiful and eye-catching logo font the comes with full punctuation and a set of Cyrillic and Greek alphabets with support for multiple languages.

18. Math and Risk

Math and Risk is a clean hand brushed script font that adds an elegant touch to any logo, branding project, advertising design, or any other creative project.

As well as numerals, the font includes upper and lowercase versions of all the standard characters with ligatures, punctuation, and multilingual characters.

19. Party Down Geometric Font

Party Down is a unique and artistic font that makes up its set of numerals and characters from geometric shapes including circles, triangles, and rectangles.

As well as the standard OTF font files, this download also includes vector shapes for all the characters so you can edit them to meet your needs.

20. Steel Cut

The inspiration from Steel Cut comes from signage from the time of steel mills and corner bars competing for business with the biggest offers and boldest displays.

The download includes Regular, inline, shadow, and outline versions of the number fonts as well as dollar symbols and percent symbols

21. Receipt

Receipt is an alphanumerical font created from real till receipts that were printed on thermal paper.

It’s ideal for creating distressed and grunge style headers but is also legible at smaller font sizes. Lines and other receipt elements are also included as a bonus.

22. Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a decorative and highly detailed Victorian-style font that’s perfect for creating packaging, logos, posters, and other graphic design with a vintage theme.

As well as including a full set of numbers, this font is ideal for writing Roman numerals and also includes symbols and punctuation.

23. Milandia

Milandia is an elegant and feminine script font with extra flourishes and ligatures. You can use this modern calligraphy font to create wedding invitations, logos, branding, and other creative typography designs with a hint of romance.

This font includes a full set of numerals and punctuation as well as uppercase and lowercase letters and multilingual characters.

24. Los Angeles Pressed

Los Angeles Pressed is an all-caps and numericals font with a bold style that looks like it’s been created on a printing press.

This font is ideal for branding, packaging design, and creating any kind of graphics with eye-catching text.

25. Wave Nautical

Wave Nautical is a hand-drawn font inspired by tattoo designs and all things nautical.

The numbers in this font have a charming look that would add a vintage hand crafted effect to any graphic design.

26. Kids Touch

Kids Touch is a playful hand drawn font that’s ideal for any creative projects to do with kids or to add a fun artistic touch to stationery, invitations, and all kinds of graphic design.

This font includes uppercase and lowercase characters as well as numerals and has multilingual support.

27 Black No. 7

Black No. 7 is a font inspired by the original 1866 Tennessee whiskey logo. It’s a western style typeface that comes in both a solid black and a vintage distressed style.

The font has over 400 glyphs including ligatures and alternate characters. It’s a quirky font that would work well on packaging or many graphic design applications.

28. Dirty Halftone Font

This distressed grungy font is based on halftone print textures and is ideal for vintage design projects or layering with other graphics to create a textured effect.

The font works well for headlines and body copy and includes upper and lower case characters, numerals, and punctuation.

29. Road Rage

Road Rage is an all-caps brush stroke font inspired by 80s movie and music graphics. It gives the effect of numbers that have been painted on a wall with rapid strokes.

The zero features a cross through detail and each alphabetic character comes in two variations. Basic punctuation marks are also included.

30. Comication

Comication is a cute hand drawn comic font with a 3D effect that’s ideal for any design project to do with kids.

Numbers, punctuation, and all the basic Latin characters in upper and lower case are included.

31. Colorblind

Colorblind is a colorful fancy font that looks as if the characters have been created from sprinkled confetti. It will instantly brighten up any design.

The pack includes the original OTF font as well as 4 background files and EPS, PNG, and PSD files displaying all the characters.

32. Retrowave

Retro wave is a retro sci-fi font with a metallic outline and each number is filled with stars. It’s an eye-catching font that you can use to create club flyers and posters, website graphics, and any project with a space theme.

The bundle includes several backgrounds you can use as a starting point for your designs and all characters as PSD, PNG, and EPS as well as the OTF font file.

33. Rodetta Rossie

Rodetta Rossie is a beautiful and feminine duo of script and serif fonts that will add modern elegance to any design project.

These fonts have OpenType features and include ligatures, swashes, alternates, and other details to create stunning typography.

34. Megalona

Megalona is a serif font inspired by the timeless elegance and readability of Times New Roman. It has a massive character set of over 1,800 glyphs covering 219 languages as well as open type features including ordinals, positional number, and fractons.

Numbers can be displayed in proportional or tabular styles and circled numbers, ordinals, fractions, numerators and denominators are included, as well as a slashed zero option.

35. Datons Vintage Blackletter

Datons is a calligraphy font in blackletter style with vintage vibes. It’s ideal for newspaper-style headings, branding, or any creative project with a spooky or gothic vibe.

This display font comes in TTF and OTF versions for your flexibility.

36. Solo

Solo is a modern and minimal font with rounded character forms. It’s perfect for clear headlines, logos, branding packaging, social media graphics, and more.

The font comes with upppercase standard and alternate letter forms, numerals, and punctuation. It also supports multiple languages.

37. Harelson Craft Font

Harelson Craft is a clean font with a hand painted artistic feel and high legibility. It will help to give a vintage feel to illustrations, posters, merchandise, invitations, and other design projects.

This font has multilingual and OpenType features as well as ligatures and alternate versions of letters to achieve impressive typography effects.

38. Calendar Note TFB

Calendar Note TFB is a caps-only font made up from boxed characters inspired by old tear-off calendars. Each number and even the punctuation is contained within a box, creating an eye-catching look similar to airport departure boards.

This font includes a full set of numerals and alphabetic characters as well as basic punctuation marks.

39. Counting Fingers Doodle Font

This font is probably one of the most unique on our list. Instead of relying on the standard numerical characters, this font uses hand illustrations holding up different numbers of fingers to represent each number.

This is a TTF font that teachers and homeschool parents can use to create learning materials for kids, and it can also be used as a fun way to represent numbers in graphic design.

40. ToyBox Blocks

ToyBox Blocks styles each alphabetical character, number, and punctuation mark to look like a child’s block. The angle of each character varies to get a more natural look when you’re typing.

This novelty font would be a great choice for a logo for an online toy store or any child-themed website, or just to present numbers in a cute and fun way.

41. Hulberk

Hulberk is a nostalgic vintage-style font inspired by packaging, ads, and signs from the 60s and 70s. It makes a great bold font for branding and logos and looks particularly good on a textured paper background.

The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. It supports multilingual characters.

42. Phitaya

Phitaya is a sweet and simple handwriting font that’s perfect for creating social media graphics, logos, packaging, greetings cards, fashion, and other fun graphic design projects.

The font includes the full alphabet in both upper and lowercase, all the numbers, and punctuation. It’s also a multilingual font.

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