35+ Best Line Patterns and Textures for Web & Graphic Design (2021 – Top Picks)

Line patterns are one of the simplest ways to add texture to a plain background. Whether they’re hand-drawn or pixel-perfect, straight, wavy or in any other format, line patterns make a great background for web and print design.

We’ve compiled some of the best line patterns and textures on the web in one place so you can find the perfect graphics for your creative patterns.

Ranging from simple and minimal to high-tech and abstract, using these background images and textures is an easy way to speed up your design work.

1. Our Top Pick: Sunset Lines Hand-Drawn Patterns

Why this is our top pick: You can use this huge bundle of 40 seamless patterns to add instant design flair to dozens of projects. As they’re hand-drawn, they give an authentic touch to any design. The creator has also included a bonus set of gold patterns, perfect to add a bit of bling to your creative projects!

Use these seamless hand-drawn patterns to instantly create stylish packaging, invitations, social media graphics, web backgrounds, fashion prints, and more.

The collection includes 40 patterns in editable AI and EPS format. There are also 40 JPG and PNG files with pattern tiles, 40 JPG digital papers, and 40 gold textured JPG digital papers.

2. Hand-drawn Lines Seamless Patterns

The designer created this collection of 40 seamless patterns with real pens, brushes, and ink for a realistic look. The patterns are ideal for branding, packaging, and any type of graphic or print design.

The pack includes 4 vector files in EPS and AI format with 10 patterns each, plus 40 ready-to-use JPG and PNG files.

3. Watercolor Stripes and Patterns

These hand-painted watercolor stripes are ideal to add color and a hand crafted feel to any graphic project. The pack includes both vector elements and seamless patterns to use as you wish.

This collection includes 17 transparent PNG files, 2 JPG files with white background, 2 EPS files of traced stripes, and 16 EPS seamless patterns.

4. Simple Line Hand-drawn Patterns

These minimal and simple hand-drawn patterns have a wide range of design uses for branding, packaging, invitations, website design, fabric, and more.

The download includes 40 patterns, all of which come as editable AI and EPS files as well as JPEG and transparent PNG files.

5. Minimalist Waves Seamless Patterns

These hand-drawn wavy lines create a relaxed and flowing feeling, which gives an organic look to graphic design. Use them as a website background, social media banners, and graphics, wallpapers, web and print ads, product design, or for any other creative project.

The collection includes 3 vector patterns, which you can edit to suit your needs. AI, EPS, PNG, and JPG image files are supplied.

6. Dark Lines Background

These abstract backgrounds have an industrial or gothic feel and could be used to great effect as wallpapers, to create graphics for web or print, or for many other uses.

The pack includes 12 different designs in high-res JPG format.

7. Disco Retro Curved Lines Backgrounds

Want to recreate the look and feel of a ‘70s discotheque? This collection of vintage pop backgrounds will give an instant retro vibe to any creative project. These colorful contoured backgrounds are fully customizable and great for creating party invitations, website designs, social media graphics, and digital projects.

The download includes graphics in AI, EPS, JPG, and PNG format.

8. Wavy Lines Tileable Backgrounds

This collection of seamless background patterns is ideal for adding visual interests to your designs without drawing attention away from the main content. Use them for presentation backgrounds, social media graphics, web backgrounds, and product displays.

This set of backgrounds includes 5 unique patterns with 9 color variations in high-res JPG format.

9. Perspective Motion Lines Backgrounds

Want to add depth and a feeling of movement to your graphic design? These bold abstract line patterns could be just the thing. Their futuristic feel and bold colors are ideal for creating club flyers, eye-catching book covers, and memorable social media graphics.

The collection includes 10 color schemes and the vector files can be edited to make them your own. The download includes AI, EPS, JPG, and PNG files.

10. Subtle Gritty Line Textures

This collection of background textures has just a hint of lines as if you’d wiped away some grit or scraped the pavement. These highly detailed textures come in different variations of grit, just like sandpaper, so you can choose the one that’s perfect for your creative project.

Ten individual textures are included in vector AI and EPS as well as high-res transparent PNGs.

11. Vintage Lines Textures

This collection of 10 background textures is sourced from original high-resolution photos. These vector files can be scaled to use at any size and make an interesting and background or can be combined with other graphics to add texture to your artwork.

The pack includes 10 individual texture files in EPS and PNG format with transparent backgrounds.

12. Abstract Stripe Backgrounds

This collection of abstract backgrounds made from lines has a futuristic feel. These abstract graphics make an eye-catching but non-distracting header for social media graphics, mobile or desktop wallpaper, or for use in other graphical projects.

The download includes 39 JPG backgrounds at high resolution.

13. Lines Explosion Abstract Backgrounds

These graphical abstract line illustrations draw the eye to the center of the graphic and are ideal for designing posters, flyers, social media graphics, website headers, presentation backgrounds, and more.

The collection includes 13 high-res JPG files.

14. Fabric Blueprint Textures

This collection of background textures is made up of overlaying multidirectional lines and annotations as you might see on a blueprint or sewing pattern. They make a subtle but interesting background for any kind of print or graphic design project.

The pack includes 15 high-resolution files with a clean background in JPG format.

15. Black and White Particle Emitters Backgrounds

These highly detailed backgrounds have a hand-sketched feel and are evocative of flowing delicate fabric and smoke. Use them in simple monochrome or colorize and layer them to create your own unique effects.

The download includes 10 high-res JPG and transparent PNG files based on one background concept.

16. Gradients Collection by YWFT

This collection of halftone gradients is made up of thousands of lines and dots to create a gradient effect that’s ideal for shading illustrations, backgrounds, and textures.

Created as stock illustrations by a Bangkok-based design studio, this collection includes 9 gradient files and 3 shape files in vector EPS format

17. Simple Mono Line Patterns

These simple and minimal line patterns are ideal for product design, branding, and creating graphics for web and social media. As all the patterns are editable vectors, you can easily change the size or colors without any loss of quality.

This pattern collection includes 4 EPS and AI files with 10 seamless patterns each along with 40 JPGs and PNGs and 40 tileable files in JPG and PNG format.

18. Topographic Maps Patterns

This collection of seamless patterns is inspired by the natural contour lines of topographic maps. Use them in product design, layered over photographs or other graphics, or as a background graphic for web or print design.

The download includes 10 unique map graphics in PNG, JPG, PSD, and SVG pattern tiles as well as AI and EPS pattern swatches.

19. Stripes and Waves Seamless Patterns

This bundle of hand-drawn and painted line patterns will add a hand-crafted touch to your graphics and design work. With a variety of line styles and brush and pen widths, there’s a pattern to suit any project.

All 20 files come as editable EPS and color and black and white JPGs and transparent PNGs are also included.

20. School Writing Lined Digital Paper

This collection of 10 digital papers recreates school workbooks. With a variety of different ruled, dotted, graph, and grids styles, these digital paper patterns can be printed as they are for homeschool projects or used to create realistic graphics.

The download includes 10 individual paper designs in high-res JPG format.

21. Colorful Geometric Striped Patterns

These cheerful geometric seamless patterns are sure to bring a smile to your face. In a rainbow color palette, they have a wide range of uses in product design, scrapbooking, web design, or to print as wrapping paper or fabric.

The collection comes with a master file in AI and EPS format including all patterns as well as 10 individual JPG, PNG, and EPS files.

22. Art Deco Patterns Bundle

If you like the timeless elegance of 1920s and 1930s architecture and design, you’ll love this collection of Art Deco line patterns. With a number of different seamless geometric patterns, you can easily create products or background graphics for web or print.

This huge bundle contains a total of 150 patterns in fully editable vector format.

23. Wave Linear Abstract Designs

This collection of abstract wave graphics and linear designs look great combined with strong typography. They can be used for web design, packaging, presentations, social media graphics, and more.

The bundle includes 60 editable designs with 2 line densities and adjustable stroke weight to create different effects. AI, EPS, and PNG files are included.

24. Lines Seamless Patterns

These seamless repeating line patterns can be edited to any color scheme you choose, making them highly versatile. They’re ideal for web and social media graphic backgrounds, packaging, logo design and branding, and more.

The bundle includes 20 patterns in EPS and JPG format.

25. Stripe and Line Patterns

These seamless background patterns are hand-drawn with ink in a variety of line and stripe styles. Fully editable, they can be re-colored, scaled, layered, or customized in any way to suit your design projects.

The download includes 42 unique patterns in PNG, JPG, EPS, and AI file formats.

26. Scan Lines Glitch Background

Create artistic and retro glitch effects with this collection of backgrounds taken from real video sources. These background textures are ideal for futuristic and tech-themed graphics projects and look great as a photo or video overlay.

The bundle includes 30 different backgrounds in high-res JPG format.

27. Squiggle Abstract Memphis Patterns

These bright and colorful squiggle line patterns are inspired by the Memphis design style. They’ll give an eye-catching look to any fashion items, branding, packaging, web, and graphic design.

The set includes 10 unique patterns made from lines, dots, and squiggles in JPG, AI, and PNG format.

28. Straight Seamless Patterns Bundle

This bundle of geometric line patterns is ideal for creating minimal packaging, fabric designs, or for use in web design and social media graphics.

The collection includes 30 seamless patterns in AI, EPS, JPG, and transparent PNG format.

29. Technical Infrastructure Backgrounds

Perfect as the backdrop for presentations, graphics, and printed materials on technical topics, these hi-tech line backgrounds have a wide range of uses.

The collection includes 12 individual background designs, all featuring interconnected lines to suggest technical infrastructure. Files are supplied in high-res JPG format.

30. Lines Shadow Photo Overlays

These subtle but effective overlay graphics give the effect of sunlight shining through bars and casting a shadow on the image underneath. Choose from 15 shadow texture effects to add a realistic quality to your work.

This download includes 15 transparent PNG files with different versions of shadow lines.

31. Transparent Marker Textures

These realistic line textures can be used as a background or layered over other images to give the effect that they’ve been drawn over with a marker.

AI, EPS, and PNG file formats are included in the download and the texture color and transparency can be changed manually to achieve different effects.

32. Striped Landscape Backgrounds

These unique and modern abstract backgrounds look like rolling hills and mountains with zebra stripes. Certainly, an unusual concept that makes an eye-catching concept for your packaging, ad design, website, or other creative projects.

The bundle includes 10 different abstract backgrounds in JPG and transparent PNG format. PSD files are also included so you can edit the backgrounds as you wish in Photoshop.

33. Structures Colorful Backgrounds

This set of line backgrounds makes a great option for a futuristic or tech-themed product. Colorful lines make up a grid that could be a city map, circuit board, or blueprint. Perspective and a gradient color overlay adds depth to these background textures.

The set includes 12 different designs in high-res JPG format.

34. Hand Drawn Seamless Patterns

Do you love the look of line patterns made by hand with pen and ink? You’ll love this bundle of repeating background patterns made up of combinations of dots, lines, swirls, chevrons, triangles, and other doodle elements.

This is a large bundle that includes 65 unique patterns. Fully editable AI and EPS files are included as well as transparent PNGs and pattern swatches for Photoshop and Illustrator.

35. Retro Abstract Patterns

If you have a browse through a second-hand bookstore you’ll find dozens of books from the 60s and 70s with covers featuring these psychedelic line patterns. Now you can easily create the retro look in your own designs with this collection of abstract patterns.

The download includes 8 unique patterns with 2 variations of each in tileable AI and EPS format.

36. White Geometry Backgrounds

Add some interest and texture to minimal white backgrounds with this collection of geometric graphics made up from 3D lines. They’re ideal for use in web design, social media graphics, print templates, and more.

The collection includes 15 different designs in high-res JPG format.

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