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16+ Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes (2019)

One of the easiest ways to make money from your blog or website is through advertising. You can start earning from your blog by simply applying for Google AdSense (or another advertising program) and then pasting your ad codes into your site where you want to display the ads. Whenever a website visitor clicks on an ad, you get paid.

But, where should you put your ads to increase conversions and make more money? That’s where an AdSense optimized WordPress theme comes in. These themes are designed to improve your conversion rates and make ad placement easy.

If you’re still in the early stages of building your website, have a look at our how to start a blog guide learn the basics. First, you must least which WordPress hosting to use. You could either go with shared or managed WordPress hosting. If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend using a high-quality shared host like SiteGround. You can read our SiteGround Review here to learn more.

Once you’re done with that first step, you’re ready to choose your theme.

We’ve compiled a list of sixteen great WordPress themes designed to increase your revenue through strategic ad placements.

What are you waiting for? Check them out now!

1 Heart & Style

Heart & Style is a feminine magazine-style WordPress theme which you can easily customize for optimal AdSense revenue.

This theme has multiple layout options with enough space for your ads to stand out and get better attention. Heart & Style also includes social media sharing integration so your visitors can easily share your content with their followers.

This theme boasts seamlessly integrated custom widgets for About Me and Social Sharing that makes your site look professional and attractive.

Heart & Style is a visually impressive magazine theme with large featured images. You’ll be able to easily integrate your ads with your own content to increase your AdSense revenue.

Key Features

  • Multiple layouts with ad locations for increased monetization
  • Social media sharing for more traffic
  • Responsive design so your site looks great on any device
  • Price: $59

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2 Wonderwall

This gorgeous WordPress theme has been designed specifically for lifestyle bloggers and magazine blogs.

Wonderwall theme features a stylishly modern layout with a large featured posts section that span across the entire screen. The theme also includes 9 different pre-designed homepage layouts, which you can easily switch between to try out different looks for your website.

In addition, Wonderwall comes with strategically placed integrated banner ad locations for generating the most income through your ad campaigns. It also has a built-in newsletter subscribe widget and email opt-in forms for increasing lead generation as well.

Key Features

  • Easily customize using native WordPress Customizer
  • Optimized banner ad locations
  • Social follow buttons with follower counts
  • Built-in newsletter widget and opt-in forms
  • Price: $59

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3 The Essence

The Essence is a creative WordPress theme that comes with a stylish design. It’s ideal for a feminine blog or a website, but it’s flexible enough to be easily customized to fit any type of website.

The biggest benefit to using The Essense theme is it comes with 17 unique blog layouts. It’s like having 17 WordPress themes packed into one. You’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a layout for your blog.

The Essence theme also features a set of built-in promo boxes on its homepage, which is perfect for promoting your promotional campaigns. The built-in social sharing and the custom widgets will also come in handy when building a great blog using this theme.

Key Features

  • Choose from 17 different blog layouts
  • Homepage promo boxes
  • Built-in social sharing and custom widgets
  • Responsive design makes the theme look great on all platforms.
  • Price: $59

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4 TrueMag

TrueMag is a magazine-style WordPress theme that has been optimized for Google AdSense.

TrueMag has been designed with plenty of areas to be used for ads. These are in hotspots to increase the likelihood of visitors clicking on the ads and without interfering with your content. The theme comes with full WooCommerce integration allowing you to create an online store and get the most monetization potential out of your site.

Key Features

  • AdSense optimized, ad positions in hotspots to increase traffic
  • Full WooCommerce integration to easily create an online store
  • Responsive design with ads displayed on all devices seamlessly
  • Price: $69

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5 Newspaper

Whether creating a news site or a magazine, Newspaper theme has complete AdSense optimization to help you monetize your content.

This theme includes multiple unique demos to choose from and the ability to customize your layout to your liking. You can easily add more space for ads to increase your revenue.

Newspaper comes with bbPress Forum and Buddy Press integration so you can build a thriving community around your site, increasing the chances for your ads to get more impressions and clicks.

Newspaper also has WooCommerce integration so you can create a shop and sell your own products as well.

Key Features

  • bbPress Forums and Buddy Press integration to help create a community
  • AdSense optimization allowing you to monetize your content
  • WooCommerce integration for simple online sales
  • Price: $59

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6 Spartan

Spartan is a sleek, premium magazine-style WordPress theme with AdSense optimization. Spartan has built-in ad banner areas which are designed to increase your click through rate.

This theme boasts loads of customization options through the WordPress Theme Customizer. Change the colors, layout, and more. You can even change the colors depending on categories for an attractive look for your visitors navigating your site.

This theme also comes with numerous custom widgets such as Flickr, Video, Comments With Avatars, Recent Posts, and Latest News widgets. You can also set up sliders to display your best or trending content to your visitors.

Key Features

  • Custom widgets to enhance your website
  • Add sliders to display your top content
  • Built-in ad banners to increase AdSense revenue
  • Responsive design looks great on all devices
  • Price: $39

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7 Alpha

Alpha is a WordPress theme with 2 very different layout options, a magazine-style or newspaper style.

Alpha has been designed to give you the best chance at monetizing your website through AdSense. There are five banner spots integrated into the site specifically for ads, and you can add more of your own by using the widgetized areas. This theme comes with a breaking news ticker, allowing you to easily create a ticker to share your most important content.

Key Features

  • AdSense optimized with set areas for ads
  • Responsive design allowing your site and ads to show up flawlessly on any device
  • Breaking news ticker to show off your most important content
  • Price: $69

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8 HotNews25% OFF Coupon

HotNews is a trendy magazine-style WordPress theme that is optimized for use with AdSense.

HotNews features layouts designed to increase clicks on your ads, increasing your earnings from the site. With social media integration, you can easily link your accounts and share content to bring in a wider audience. The theme comes with many popular custom widgets increasing the functionality of your site.

Key Features

  • Social media integration for easy sharing of content
  • Layouts designed for ideal ad placement
  • Fully mobile responsive design for a good viewing experience on all devices
  • Price: $59

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9 Grimag

Grimag is a modern magazine-style WordPress theme that has been designed for maximum monetization with AdSense. AdSense units are responsive so your ads will display beautifully on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Grimag has optimal ad areas in the best locations so they will blend perfectly with your content, giving your site a clean and professional look. This theme also comes with powerful shortcodes and custom widgets, giving you the power to create a unique site.

The theme also gives you unlimited customization options, so you can choose your colors, fonts, and style. You’ll also get access to custom widgets, sidebar options, and sticky post feature to direct your visitors to your best content.

Key Features

  • AdSense optimization for maximum monetization
  • Fully responsive design so your site looks perfect on any screen
  • Powerful shortcodes for easy customization
  • Price: $59

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10 Sahifa

Sahifa is a modern magazine-style WordPress theme that can be customized for use with AdSense.

With the TiePage Builder you can easily drag and drop elements to create your pages and place ads exactly where you want them. Sahifa comes loaded with over $74 worth of free plugins including Instagramy, iLightbox, and Theia Sticky Sidebar. This theme also includes many custom widgets such as WooCommerce and has over 40 shortcodes for adding more features onto your site.

Key Features

  • TiePage Builder to easily create page layouts and ad placements
  • Over $74 of premium plugins
  • Mobile friendly design looks great on any device
  • 40+ shortcodes allowing you to easily add extra features
  • Price: $69

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11 The Voux

The Voux is a beautiful magazine-style WordPress theme that can be used for monetization with AdSense.

The Voux comes with numerous predefined layout options which can be modified with Visual Composer, which is also included. With this easy to use drag and drop page builder you can place your ads exactly where you want them for the best monetization opportunity. This theme also comes with full WooCommerce integration giving you the option to create an online store for even more profit.

Key Features

  • Visual Composer for easy drag and drop placement of content and ads
  • WooCommerce integration for simple online store creation
  • Fully responsive design so your site looks great on any screen
  • Price: $49

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12 Magazine

Magazine is a magazine-style WordPress theme, optimized for monetization with AdSense.

The layouts for Magazine have been designed to place ads in prominent spots to increase the chances of visitors clicking them. Using the Themify Builder you can easily customize these layouts and add more locations for ads if you would like. Magazine comes with a number of custom widgets including a breaking news ticker, related posts, and social media integration.

Key Features

  • Ads located in prominent positions to increase monetization
  • Themify builder included for easy customization
  • Custom widgets to easily add features to your site
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Price: $49

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13 GoodLife

GoodLife is a premium magazine-style WordPress theme that can be used to monetize your content through advertisements.

GoodLife has many different layouts all with built-in ad locations to increase your monetization. This theme comes with over $117 of premium plugins which includes Visual Composer, Essential Grid, Maintenance Pro, Rankie, and Viral Quiz Builder. GoodLife also includes perfect social and Jetpack integration allowing you to draw in more traffic.

Key Features

  • Multiple layouts with built-in ad locations
  • $117+ of premium plugins included to make building your site easier
  • Social integration increasing traffic and monetization opportunity
  • Responsive design means your site displays perfectly on all devices
  • Price: $61

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14 Admania

Just as the name suggests, Admania is a WordPress theme optimized for AdSense bloggers and affiliate marketers.

This entire theme has been completely optimized to help you achieve the best results through your ad campaigns. Admania theme comes with 6 blog layouts with ad slots placed in the optimum positions to generate the highest click through rates (CTR).

In addition, the theme features 6 different single post layouts, several ad placement systems such as ads rotation, sticky header ads, and even includes an ad-blocker detector to detect and warn website visitors who are using ad-blockers on their browsers.

Key Features

  • Choose from 6 different blog layouts
  • Optimized for Adsense bloggers and affiliate marketers
  • Easily edit the theme using the front-end live editor
  • Ad-block detector
  • Price: $59

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Wrapping It Up

If you’re looking to monetize your site using ads, choosing a WordPress theme that supports you is important. Integrated space for ads placed in visitor hotspots helps you make more money, by capitalizing on the traffic you’re already receiving.

Over to you – are you running ads on your site? What theme do you use and why?

Roshan Perera

Roshan is a professional blogger, writer, and an entrepreneur with over 3 years of experience in web design and UXD.

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